The Ridgeback cushion

Designed for drivers and is also useful for working at a computer.

The cushion includes a strap at the top to attach to a car headrest and a side strap for office chairs.

Posture while driving is strained, because sitting down and holding our legs and arms forward is difficult. The Ridgeback cushion supports the upper back to improve the position of the neck and shoulders. It provides light support for the lower back to avoid lumbar hyperextension. Hypermobile joints can also benefit from the support of the cushion.

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Slouching at a desk or in a car strains the spine

Ridgeback’s unique design supports the neck and shoulders

What Ridgeback users say

  • I’m completely sold on the concept! – Neil
  • It eases my back pain from long hours at the computer. – Dave
  • I can feel my core muscles engaging and my upper back and chest opening up. It took a few days to really feel comfortable. – Sharon
  • After travelling with the Ridgeback, we were in another car and I missed the support of the cushion. – Ruthie

Many chairs cause slumping

Ridgeback improves shoulder posture

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Cushion: R400

Delivery: R100