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3-session special

Special offer: three sessions for a total of R900

  • Pay in full by EFT before the first session (or bring cash)
  • Sessions include TRE and other bodywork modalities plus counselling
  • Each session addresses your specific needs
  • Please contact me for details or to book

Private TRE session

Attend a private TRE session 

Instead of booking three sessions, you might prefer to book one session at a time. Perhaps you just want to learn more to see if my approach feels right for you. In this case, book a single session. You can also book a single session if you are already traveling the path of inner healing and need occasional support.

  • Cost: R400 per session
  • Pay by EFT before the session (or bring cash)

TRE® groups

I run regular TRE check-in groups when there are enough participants. 

  • Currently online via Zoom
  • When it is safe to meet, in-person groups will resume
  • Cost: R150 per person per session


Many people feel anxious about coming to see me because they don’t know what to expect. This section explains what happens in a session. Please also realise that when you come to see me, you are really coming to meet up with those parts of yourself that you have been struggling with and might have been trying to ignore. Some of your anxiety might be related to that.


There’s no need to be afraid. Basically, you will be learning some great new skills for self-regulation. This can have positive effects throughout your life.


People also want to know if my treatments are long-term or short-term. This depends on you – your budget, your needs, and your therapeutic goals.


The first session is usually taken up with talking. I will ask about your health history and get to know you a bit, including your current issues. Then I will explain the cycle of trauma and stress and how the human nervous system works. This knowledge is important if we are to free ourselves from the cycle of pain and start moving forward. All later sessions will provide further insight in this regard.


I help clients to actually feel and sense how the nervous system is operating once we move into the bodywork.


The choice of bodywork modality depends on the client’s needs. TRE involves stretch exercises done in a standing or sitting position on the floor or leaning against a wall. This is followed by lying on the floor during the tremors. Some people prefer to tremor while sitting against a wall.


TRE is powerful and is not always the best choice for people who are in psychiatric care or have extreme pain. For clients who might not find TRE suitable at the current time, I use other modalities. These include guided eye and neck movements, systematic muscle contraction and relaxation, slow exploratory movements, and direct gentle touch if this is permitted.


Bodywork is aimed at releasing the traumatic energy that is stuck in the client’s nervous system. The counselling aspect helps to integrate the client’s experiences and sense of meaning.


In further sessions, therapeutic bodywork and verbal counselling both play a role. My aim is always to help you reconnect with your body and build a happier, healthier relationship with yourself.

  • Not all clients like to be touched. I’ll ask about your preference in advance
  • Please wear stretchy or loose clothing to all your sessions 


TRE® stands for Trauma and Tension Release Exercise