Short-term interventions

with long-term gains

TRE® and mindfulness can be learned in groups or individual sessions. Many people take part in both at different times.

  • Some people prefer the anonymity of groups
  • Some feel safer in a private setting
  • Just curious? – try a group
  • Individual sessions are in-depth and personalised

Group safety


Groups at the Healing Zone are designed to be safe spaces. Guidelines help to keep the atmosphere positive and respectful. I screen participants to check that their needs fall within the scope of my practice. However, I can’t be held responsible for the words or actions of individual group members. If you feel that such a situation might pose a risk for you, please rather attend an individual session. I ask all of my clients to sign indemnity forms.


  • Learn TRE® groups are 60 minutes per session
  • All other groups are 90 minutes per session
  • All groups run for 4 weeks (4 sessions)

Group size


I can accommodate up to five participants per group. It’s essential to book in advance. If the group you want to attend is booked out, please book ahead for the next one.

Who can attend?

  • Group members must understand basic English
  • People with physical disabilities: please talk to me as exercises might need to be modified
  • Teens aged 14 to 18 should attend the group for teens

Reconnect with yourself  

An exciting aspect of therapeutic groups is that although you will meet other people, the most important person you’ll meet and work with is you! Healing old trauma means reconnecting with our bodies, other people, and life in general.


Find a group

For you

Please read about the groups before deciding which one suits you best. Although all groups use TRE®, vagus-nerve toning and mindfulness, each group has a unique focus.


In leading a group, I attend to all members and can’t work in depth with anyone. Please book an individual session if you want undivided attention.


IMG_2373 (3)


Each group is a course with four sessions. We’ll meet once a week for four weeks. People cannot come and go, and the group is closed to newcomers. Members should attend every session. Missed sessions are not refundable or transferable.

The Healing Zone offers the following groups:

Please click on a group to read more about it.

Learn TRE®
Pain management
The spiral staircase
Social anxiety


The day and time will be decided when at least two people, and no more than five, have booked for a course. We’ll choose a day and time that suits the group members.

What happens

In a therapeutic group?

The general structure of each session is as follows:

  • a short talk
  • group discussion
  • practical TRE®, vagus-nerve toning and mindfulness exercises
  • integration