Online counselling


I’m a registered wellness counsellor. I offer online sessions, which have these advantages:

  • accessible to people who are unable to travel
  • easier for people with severe anxiety
  • accessible anywhere in the world
  • private
  • easy to fit into a busy schedule

You need to have Skype (audio-visual) and a good internet connection. This allows eye contact and to see each other’s faces and hear each other’s voices. Such aspects of communication are essential for deep emotional processing.

I help people to heal from past trauma and PTSD. My focus is on helping adults to heal from childhood abuse or other events that happened a long time ago. Often, adult survivors of childhood trauma have chronic pain and fatigue or immune dysregulation. Online counselling is suited to these challenges because it doesn’t require travel.

For crisis intervention or acute trauma, such as a robbery that has just happened, please seek help from a counsellor who can support you through the immediate crisis. You could ask your local police, clinic, or the Family Life Centre (for clients in South Africa).